Ann Kathryn Kelly | Pen on Demand

Stories that connect. Content that resonates. Messaging that educates.

I write content for B2B and B2C clients that connects the dots between customer problems and how a company’s solutions and services solve it—helping audiences understand and act. Yet, companies need more than dry bullet points and uninspiring summaries to win over minds, loyalty, and wallet-share. They need:

* Stories that connect
* Content that resonates
* Messaging that educates

This is where I come in. I write content that ensures your message is not just heard, but remembered.

I bring a sharp editorial eye and voice, backed by decades of experience, and I often deliver ahead of schedule. 

I write for clients about topics that range from complex technologies, products, and services, to lifestyle and community interest stories. With each project, I distill and communicate messaging and benefits through clear, engaging narratives that resonate with audiences, educating them and inspiring buying behavior.

I'm available to strategize and write:

* Blogs and case studies
* Email campaigns
* Paid media, social, and/or website messaging
* Newsletters and articles 
* Event collateral

Ann is a dynamic writer, in both long and short form styles. Her writing for GlobalSign has been nothing short of superb. From carefully crafted email nurture campaigns, to web page copy and blog content, Ann has a great command and brings a distinct voice for the tech crowd. She always delivers on time and is a delight to work with!

- Ted Hebert, VP of Marketing, GlobalSign

Ann brings a combination of strong writing and meticulous project management. This allows Appledore to rapidly create compelling research content from vendor briefings, delivering to often tight timescales.

Francis Haysom, Principal Analyst, Appledore

Ann is a talented and versatile storyteller, delivering superior writing, often ahead of deadline. As a managing editor, this makes my job easy with a reliable writer like Ann, who delivers a great story every time. She captures the spirit of each person or business she’s writing about, distilling it into concise copy that is a pleasure to read.

- Tara Phillips, Managing Editor & Publishing Director, Portsmouth City Lifestyle Magazine